State Adherence Events


Read information on State Adherence Events by clicking on the state. Past events in navy blue and future events in yellow.


Prescriptions for a Healthy America has joined with the National Consumers League’s (NCL) Script Your Future public awareness campaign to educate consumers, their family caregivers, and health care professionals about the importance of taking medications as directed.

The state events combine panel discussions and related meetings with local policy makers to address the flowing goals:

  • Raising awareness of state challenges with medication adherence and the opportunities to tackle this problem.
  • Educating and engaging patients and providers to help them understand their role in improving adherence.
  • Seeking quality measurement and performance improvement by encouraging health plan and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) performance reporting and by identifying underutilization of prescription drug therapy.
  • Promoting research to evaluate the impact of chronic conditions on use and spending for medical services.
  • Enhancing care coordination and management by allowing for synchronization of refills for patients with two or more medications, and allowing ninety-day fills at retail pharmacies for the first prescription.